Commission Work

How to Order a Commission

Message me on instagram or email to submit your request. I take orders for props and costumes. I am willing to work within budgets, or supply resources and tips to do it yourself!

Cinderella Dress

Made as an add for the 2023 Grand Valley State University Presidents Ball.

This dress was made from a silver brocade satin, with a dyed white floral lace overlay, and draped with white chiffon across the back. This off the shoulder dress, although drab in these images, really shined through the lens of the camera. 

The Sword of a Thousand Truths 

Fabricated for the Grand Valley University Theater, as a usable prop in the student led production of Love and Warcraft.

This sword was fabricated using 10mm low density EVA foam, foam clay, PVC pipe, and various fabric textiles. Made with a minimal budget of $30 this sword needed to be safe, functional, and beautiful. It exceeded production expectations and was the highlight prop of the show, during the final climax combat scene in Love and Warcraft.


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